The My Little Chickpea Story

My love of food lives in my Grandma’s kitchen. Sitting at her table, I learned how food brings families together, and how it welcomes new friends. I explored the essential ingredients of my culture, and came to understand how the purest, simplest meals always taste the best.

That passion for food, and the desire to share it with the people I love has been a continuous thread throughout my life. Now, I want my boys to experience healthy foods that not only taste really good but are also good for you and packed with nutrition; I want that to happen naturally, without fuss or preservatives.

When I serve my boys hummus, they aren’t interested that this velvety food is packed with protein, dietary fibre, zinc and folate. They have no idea that chickpeas are low in fat and can help reduce cholesterol. They simply love the fusion of flavours and the new takes on traditional recipes that I’ve created, and they keep asking for more.

Word spread beyond my kitchen, and soon friends and family were asking me to stock their fridges with my unique, unexpected, preservative and gluten-free hummus and my smokin’ baba ghanoush. And that is how My Little Chickpea was born – out of endearment for those I love and the joy I get from feeding them. Since then, we’ve added our delicious and nutritious ‘naked chickpea’ gluten-free falafels and two flavours of crispy whole wheat baked pita chips. Additionally, we have created five heart-healthy salads, using superfoods like kale, lentils, cabbage and quinoa. And for those home cooks, we offer our three home-style first cold press olive oil dressings/marinades to simply add to your own salads, veggies or as a marinade to anything that hits the grill.

I personally love being in the kitchen cooking up meals for family and friends. But life is busy and I often find it hard to get 21 meals on the table each week. We all need a bit of help. But we don’t need to compromise quality, taste and goodness. At My Little Chickpea, we want to help busy people live better lives. We want to make dinner easy! We want to make life a little simpler.

Now it’s your turn to discover a whole range of My Little Chickpea Gourmet Foods.

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My Little Chickpea—from our kitchen to yours

Rula Sharkawi

Meet the Big Chickpea, Rula

Rula’s passion for good food and a pursuit of creativity in business makes for an innovative and delicious line-up of My Little Chickpea products. She began her career over 20 years ago helping run two family restaurants and then, following graduate school, went into corporate communications and crisis management. She left her role as an executive in the corporate world to return to where it all began—food. Since launching My Little Chickpea, this big chickpea has never been happier, spreading the comfort and energy of food goodness to communities all around her! Rula lives in Toronto with her husband and two gorgeous boys!


Meet My Little Chickpea’s very own
Certified Nutrition Practitioner, CNP, Carolyn Plummer

She’s a total foodie, a busy mom and loves all things health.
Based in Toronto, Carolyn provides nutritional counseling and corporate lunch and learns, while educating our little chickpeas about all things FOOD. Tune into Facebook to read our ‘Carolyn Says’ learning series.